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Welcome to This page contains the most important information and rules for users of

Mission statement

We host a minecraft server in the Netherlands, any person can play on it regardless of country, race or religion.

All public infrastructure and decisions are made to resemble the real world as much as possible.

We want people to have fun and learn new things they can actually use in their real lifes. Like working in a team,

leadership, responsability, kindness, helping others, using coordinates, and navigation using a map, trade etc.

How is this done?

The server is set up to support the goals above.


Like in real life, items and services on the server are scarce and cost time and/or money.

 People need to make intelligent choices. For example: there are fast expensive ways of travel and slow cheap ones. Scarce items

are more expensive than abundant ones. And semi-finished products cost more than their base materials.


 Every player has a bank balance and gets a base salary. To get an increase in salary players can learn to do one of the jobs that

exists on the server. Most jobs offer possibility for promotions and increases in salary too, depending on the performance of the player.


People can buy or rent private plots where they can build the structures of their liking. This plot is protected from modification by others.

A player can give their friends permission to build on a plot, the player owns.

crime and law enforcement

Like in real life sometimes conflicts arise. A small percentage of players like in real life commits vandalism, theft, fraud, murder.

To stop these crimes we have the job of police officer, his task is to investigate and stop crime.



We are always looking for new people to join the staff. All staff members of should meet at least the following 3 requirements

  • Nice and helpful to other people.
  • Smart enough to do the tasks required for the staff job
  • Online enough to do the tasks required for the staff job

Base requirements

Nice and helpful to other people

We expect all our staff to be nice and helpful to other people. This means that staff members should answer questions of other people and try to help them with the problems that they might encounter. Also a staff member may not grief, spam, abuse caps in any way. Other players should be treated with respect at all times. We do give people second changes, that means that persons who have been not nice to others still can get a position in the staff if they have not committed the above acts in the past 3 months.

Smart enough to do the tasks required for the staff job

Every job has a task list that describes the minimal list of tasks a staff member with this job should do. Executing certain tasks requires a certain level of intelligence.If the staff member is not smart enough to do his job, depending on the situation he can get some training to improve his skills. If the gap is too large the request for the staff position may be declined.

Online enough to do the tasks required for the staff job

Doing a job requires a certain amount of time. If a staff member is not online enough he cannot do this job succesfully. Therefore we have made a rule that applies to all staff members

to ensure we dont have inactive staffmembers or staffmembers that dont have time to do their jobs. The rule is:

Any staff member should be online at least 48 hours per 3 months OR at least 16 hours in the past month. If any of the 2 is true. Then the staff member is considered active.



Players can have labels in front of their name ( also known as prefixes) and labels after their name (also known as suffixes)

prefixes: buildership level

The labels in front of the name indicate the level of buildership. Buildership is a general reliability, niceness and skill index.

It shows how responsible, mature and skillfull the person is. Every job requires at least a certain buildership level. For example

to do the job of police officer or region-manager one must at least have the buildership level "kilobuilder".

Suffixes: jobs

The labels after the name of the player indicate the staff jobs the person does. Every job has certain requirements, a task description and

some carrier path to get this rank. Also every job has its own salary. Jobs often have a hierarchy. For example any builder can apply at the

apply for a rank page to start a party-helper. exam The person will have to proof his abilities during an exam, which is a combined training and trail period.

After this exam he will get the party-helper rank and an increase in salary. After that the player can continue for party-manager or even partyleader


Buildership levels

Buildership level skill requirements how to become one Minimum buildership level for these jobs
Buildership levels
builder  none  n/a tp-helper, party-helper, helpdesk
decabuilder Niceness to other players, some building skill. Be able to work under supervision of a kilobuilder

You must be a builder and write a good apply at: The apply must be approved by a kilobuilder



kilobuilder-exam Be able to make a realistic and logical project plan for a building. Be able to build a structure according to the plan. Shows some leadership. Can do a basic social exam, improving some social structure on the server. You must be a decabuilder and a megabuilder must approve you before entering this exam  
kilobuilder Recruit and train decabuilders. Replies at the forum.  Makes Structures that are needed for the server. Pass a kilobuilder-exam period that takes 1 month. The exam consists of 2 subexams. A building exam and a social exam. The building exam requires you to build a simple set of structures. most of the structure can be made by yourself The exam also requires the creation of a good project plan tp-leader, party-leader, helpdesk-leader, police, region-manager
megabuilder-exam Be able to make a realistic and logical project plan for a group of structures. For example a large railway system with some stations. Can realize the project plan, by leading people not only by building himself. Can get the work done while building at most 20% of the blocks himself. Can motivate people and is patient and reliable. Can resolve large server conflicts. Can fill in forms for progress interviews of players. You must be a kilobuilder and a gigabuilder must approve you before entering this exam  
megabuilder Do progress interviews of the decabuilders and kilobuilders. Make complex systems for the server. Invent complex social improvements for the server. Pass a megabuilder-exam period that takes 2 months. The exam consists of 2 subexams. A building exam and a social exam. The building exam requires you to build a complex set of structures. most of the structure must be made by others. The exam also requires the creation of a good project plan judge
gigabuilder-exam Can do many tasks at once. Can lead multiple megabuilders. You must be a megabuilder and be approved by the gigabuilder and the server-op. Out of 35000 users only 2 got approved to start it.  
gigabuilder Leader of and responsible for the whole existing staff.Responsible for recruitment of new staff, reponsible of making sure requests on the website are answered within a week by the corresponding staff members.  Responsible for the progress interviews. Selects people to be ranked and reranked based on performance. Responsible for the execution of strategic plans. Pass a gigabuilder-exam period that takes 3 months. The exam consists of at least 10 subexams. Many different building exams and a social exams. You should be able to resolve different projects, problems and tasks at the same time, each with a different priority. Each task has a deadline that should be met. This is the heaviest exam of  
Server-op Founder of the server. Responsible for server stability and performance. Responsible for selection, installation and configuration of 3th party server plugins. Responsible for creation of new plugins to improve the experience on the server. Responsible for the stability, performance and functional enhancements on the server website. Go back in time and become wiigor. Be nice, learn java and install minecraft beta 1.4. Make 15 minecraft plugins with over 50 k lines of code. And keep updating the server and plugins.  



job level skill requirements how to become one  
Buildership levels

Niceness to other players, able to write a good apply, basic english skills.

Must help at least 10 unrelated persons with every month with questions regarding the jobtype. Must also help 10 unrelated people with other questions, that dont have to do with the jobtype

You must  write a good apply at: The apply must be approved by a manager of the specific jobtype. For example a request for teleporterhelperexam must be approved by a teleportermanager.


Niceness to other players, able to write a good apply, basic english skills.

Must help at least 10 unrelated persons with every month with questions regarding the jobtype. Must also help 10 unrelated people with other questions, that dont have to do with the jobtype

Sometimes help the manager to train new helper-exams

Must pass the helperexam. Both the manager who trained him and the leader of this jobtype must approve him.  
manager-exam Must scan the apply forum and reply to new applies for his jobtype within 3 days. Must reply to the applies with a good argumentation of why the applier is approved.  If the apply is not approved should reply with a good reasoning of why the applier was not approved and what he should do to improve himself so he gets approved. Is responsible of training the approved people to be able to perform the job type. The exam of the trainnee lasts for a month.

Can start his exam after being full helper at least one month.

He can be invited to this exam by the leader.

manager Same as manager-exam but with less supervision of the tp-leader. Must pass the managerexam. Both the tpleader who trained him and a megabuilder or higher must approve him.  

Can start his exam after being full manager at least one month.

He can be invited to this exam by the server-op.

leader   Must pass the leaderexam. The server-op must approve him.  


Staff commands

To do their job depending on the staff level staff members get a set of free commands:

buildership level job commands
decabuilder helper-exam tpa
kilobuilder-exam helper home
kilobuilder manager-exam sethome
kilobuilder manager top
megabuilder-exam leader-exam back
megabuilder leader heal


Staff amounts

It is important to have enough staff to do all jobs well. Thats why we have targets for the number of staff members at every level. I

its the job of the leaders and managers to make sure the staff criteria for the staff they lead are met.

job minimum amount optimum amount maximum amount remarks
helper-exam 2 3 6 per jobtype
helper 2 6 9 per jobtype
manager-exam 1 2 3 per jobtype
manager 2 3 5 per jobtype
leader-exam 0 0 1 per jobtype
leader 0 1 1 per jobtype
builder 20 40 - total
decabuilder 6 9 12 total
kilobuilder-exam 1 2 3 total
kilobuilder 3 6 12 total
megabuilder-exam 1 1 2 total
megabuilder 2 3 4 total

Job details for a manager


The manager informs skilled people on the server about the possibility of getting a rank, gives them the link to the apply for a rank page on the website.


The manager checks the forum on the website for new applies. To be approved an applyer must meet 3 criteria:

  1. The apply must meet the criteria for a good apply
  2. The applyer must meet the minimal playtime criteria for staff
  3. The applyer himself must have no recent history of breaking the server rules.
  • IF the apply meets the criteria, the manager replies to the post stating the apply has been approved.
  • If The applyer does not meet all 3 above criteria, the manager replies with what should be improved.


The manager must train the helper-exams and helpers so they learn all aspects of their job.


Every week a party plan is made and put on the agenda on this website. (Click the green agenda button)

The party plan contains the following important information:

  1. Which users will be ranked, and the rank that they get.
  2. The party crew that will assist at the party and the jobs they will do.

This means the party-manager must find out who gets ranked. They get this information from 2 sources:

  1. For the ranks people can apply for directly on the website:  By checking the approved applies on the application forums.
  2. For the ranks that rely on promotion by a manager or leader: The leader of the job type should inform the party manager.

The first version of the party plan should be on the agenda on tuesday. The final version should be on the agenda by thursday.

Approvals after thurday will be scheduled for next weeks party.


Its the job of the manager to keep the helpers motivated. By praising their job and giving feedback on what they can improve. Also they can organise fun events to do some teambuilding.


The manager leads the team during trainings, and during the party. Its his responsability there is enough well trained crew to do the jobs needed.

And to resolve any problems that may have effect on the party.

Crime and law enforcement


To keep the chat easy to read for everyone we have some practical rules while chatting:

  • Using caps is not allowed. Only using caps for normal punctuation is allowed.
  • Its not allowed to repeat the same message more than once per 2 minutes, this fills the chat with useless lines.
  • Bullying people using the chat is not allowed.
  • Threatening people using the chat is not allowed.
  • The staff may repeat the same message to announce an event. Like a party or minigame start.
  • People not following these rules will be muted. The time will depend on the severity of the spam.


What are the police rules?

If a police employee finds crime he will use the following checklist. He will start at 1 and stop if the crime stops, if it does not stop he will go on to 2 and so on.

1-Ask: Ask the suspect why he is doing what he is doing.
2-Explain: Explain the suspect that the action is illegal and why it is.
3-Warn: Warn the suspect, tell him to stop his illegal actions.
4-Stop the suspect. Jail and/or mute him. (up to 60 minutes)

4a confirm the criminal understands he is being jailed or muted.
4b give him the reason for being jailed or muted.
4c tell him the time he will be muted or jailed.

jail command: /jail <username> <minutes> j:jail r:reason   
mute command: /mute <username> <seconds>
Entering a timelimit is mandatory, giving more than allowed jailtime is a crime.
minimum jailtime 5 minutes - maximum jailtime 60 minutes
minimum mutetime 30 seconds - maximum mutetime 3600 seconds.

  • When the Police-exam is finished the staff will evaluate these criteria:
  • Did the police employ jail time between 5 and 60 minutes. If he/she transcend it there will follow consequences.
  • Did the he/she mute between 30 and 3600 seconds. If he/she transcend it there will follow consequences.
  • Was he/she fair to all the jailed/muted players.

Did he/she ever jail without any evidence or without any reason.

Was he/she consistent with the verdict.(e.g: The one person gets 10 min , the other 30 for the same violation of the law)

Did he/she provided enough information to the punished player.

If the staff find any irregularity/corruption from the police employee we will take the rank away immediately and the person in claim will not be able to do exam for 2 months!






Where can I build?

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