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We have Police Officer that are available to assist you on the server. They will help you with investigating your griefed buildings and punish the griefer.
Their job also includes to stop people from hacking, spamming, committing theft and vandalism. We don't acccept bullying on the server, everyone has the
right to be treated in a polite way. Also you can become a Police, but Kilobuilder is required before you can do a Police-Exam!
Please contac the police if you have any problem on the server. You can find them here: userlists.


When a player has been jailed or muted multiple time for the same reason, or for different ones, a Police Officer may ask a Judge to organise
a court against the user.
Once the Police Officer has enough evidence, this could be logblock, chat logs or screenshots, he will try to collect all this evidence into one document.


Everyone can get their personal region, please contact a Region-Manager if you don't have one yet. In the region you can add people via the command:
/region addmember <regionname> <friendname>. Sometimes it happens you add someone to your region who had the only intention to destroy your house
and other buildings. This is, ofcourse, not allowed on our server and will be punished! Use the form below to report a grief:

Griefed by:
Date (of grief):
Estimated damage(amount of blocks griefed):
Region/and or coordinates:

Copy paste this form and "Post New Thread" here.


• Spam

- Definition: Spamming can be either quickly filling the chat with messages or repeatedly saying the same thing over and over. Example "Where to build??" (x5)
is considered spam.
A good guideline is that 3 or more of the same messages is spam.
- Punishment: First warn the player via chat. If they don't listen you can mute them for under 30 minutes, whatever fits in the situation. If the spam is bad,
a mute of 1 hour is acceptable.

• Begging

- Definition: Begging is a player repeatedly demanding something from another player. This can be begging for items or favors.
- Punishment: First warn the player via chat, then a mute which isn't longer than 15 minutes.

• Advertising

- Definition: Advertising is a player connecting to the server, and sending another server's IP in chat, inviting players to join it.
- Punishment: Insta-mute the player. The mute shouldn't be longer than 15 minutes.

• Hacking

- Definition: Hacking is the use of a modified Minecraft client, or using an in-game bug/glitch.
- Punishment: Jail until further instruction from wiigor or Mystic_Sky14.

• Foul Language

- Definition:Foul language is the use of offensive language in chat (swearing). Mostly player use foul language
when they are angry or if they feel treated wrong.
- Punishment: Tell them to stop swearing, and if they continue, follow spam protocol.

• Disrespect

- Definition: Disrespect is one player being rude to another player or staff member.
- Punishment: If it's a minor disrespect to another player/ staff member , ask them to stop. If the disrespect is severe, follow the spam protocol.

• Griefing

- Definition: Placing or destroying blocks with as primary goal to disturb another player.
- Punishment: For a grief of 500 blocks, a jail of 20 minutes (1 Minecraft day) will do. If the grief is over 500+ blocks, a jail of 40 minutes is acceptable.
If the grief counts more than 1000 blocks, the maximum jailtime may be applied.

These commands can be applied to ensure the protocol:

Jai: /jail <username> <time> j:eastland r:''reason''
Mute: /mute <username> <time>

The minimum jailtime is 5 minutes , the maximum jailtime is 60 minutes.
The minimum mute time is 300 seconds, the maximum mute time is 3600 seconds.
NOTE! When you mute or jail a player, you must tell this in the chat!