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You want to help the people of minecrafters.nl ? And become a staff member?

So you have played on minecrafters.nl and want to help others by doing server jobs?

We are always looking for nice, smart, responsible people to become part of the minecrafters.nl staff. As a staff member you will spend most of the time helping other players. Helping is done by: leading projects, training players, answering questions, solving crime, managing private and public regions, and many more things.


How to apply

We have set up some application forms at the minecrafters.nl forum.

Here you will find 4 entry level ranks, with a short explanation of the requirements. Also there is a list of what you should put in your rank application. Read it well! Your applications are checked within a week.

 Good applications will be awarded with the rank.  Applications that are not good enough, will be given feedback on what could be improved.  

Make sure you write a nice and correct application. Only good and correct applications will be considered for a rank.


You can apply for a rank by clicking here: Apply for a rank at the forum (but we recommend you read the rules below first)

Rules about applications

Please read these rules before you apply. You will learn who will check your application and how it will be checked.

  • Your application will be checked within the week.
  1. If your application is approved, the leader of each rank will contact you ingame or on Skype. Therefore please make sure you supply your skype name in your application.
  2. If your application is denied, a manager of the specified rank will give feedback on how you can improve your application.
  • If your application was denied, you can re-apply 2 weeks after the date you posted your first application.
  • Whining about your application ingame wont help you and will reduce your chance of approval by 50%. Don't worry your application will be checked within a week.


You can apply for a rank by clicking here: Apply for a rank at the forum