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World size increase

In january the world diameter will be increased from 10000 to 14000 blocks. This means new lands will become available to be discovered and claimed! We will claim some regions to make an arena for boat races and a tutorial spawn.

Updated to minecraft 1.9.4

The server has been updated to 1.9.4. This update causes incompatibility with many of our minigame plugins. They will be fixed one by one.

WiiShop attack mode system updated

The attack mode component of WiiShop has been updated to make it easier to use for players.


  • Separate attack view when in attack mode: When a Wiishop is in attack mode (manual or auto) the following has been changed:
    • Clicking on the wiishops shows the combat view and attack type of the shop.
    • Buying, refill and deleting the shop is not possible in attack mode. This prevents people from buying your ammo, and you from accidentally deleting your shop.
    • If you want to refill or delete your shop, toggle it back to passive mode.
  • Change attack mode by clicking:  Crouch + left click now toggles the shops attack mode:
    • manual attack,
    • auto attack,
    • passive
  • Change attack variables by clicking: When a shop is in auto attack mode you can change the attackdelay and attackrange by clicking
    • Click left to change the value of a variable
    • Click right to toggle between attackdelay setting and attackrange setting.
  • Let your shop spawn mobs: There is a new attackhandler for mob-eggs. If a wiishop is made using spawn eggs and put into attack mode then it will spawn the basic type of the mob.

I hope these changes will make it easier to manage the wiishop attack modes. In the future I plan to make it possible to let others use your wiishop attack modes, for usage in arenas. 

Have fun with your wiishops.

The server has updated to 1.8

After 60 hours of work updating plugins and testing by t0mcrafter ofco and ilipily we are now finally at minecraft 1.8. We are using the same login system by name and password. So you can still join without a premium account. Skins are working again and blockhunt has been fixed.

Wiitrain and the music still need to be fixed. And the /region setmember command has been disabled since its incompatible with non premium mode. A workaround will be found in some weeks for this.

In december we will complete the updates and fixes. And in januari we will start with improving/adding the arenas.




Another way to make money: The WiiQuiz plugin

We have a new plugin on the server. It will ask you questions and the person who gets the answer right first gets some money. To start using it type:

/wiiquiz fraction

It will ask you a question like 1/2 + 1/4 =

Then to give the correct answer type:

/wiiquiz fraction 3/4


you can also shorten the commands:


/wq f


/wq f 3/4


Other questions are also planned, like scrambled words, capital, cities of countries. etc

Have fun with the new plugin.



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