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Voting for minecrafters.nl (and yourself)

There are many minecraft server lists on the internet. These have a ranklist and show information about different servers.

People can vote for servers they like on this list. If servers get many votes, they will be found more easily in the lists and more people will join these servers.


List of websites where you can vote for rewards:


Why should I vote for minecrafters.nl?

  • First of all, you get rewards for voting, every vote will give you some reward like server items xp or money.
  • Second, all votes makes more people, come to the server. More fun and more friends to play with.


Where can I vote for minecrafters.nl?

Above are the links to the sites where you can vote for minecrafters.nl

If you vote make sure to fill in the player name you use on the server,

your vote reward should be sent to you automatically after voting.