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server performance explanation server performance explanation

This page gives access to our server performance database. We use this database to keep track of the server performance. This helps us to detect and keep server lag and crashes to a minimum.

There is a number of parameters we keep track off, below is an explanation of these parameters.

  • cpu main thread:    The main flow (thread) of a bukkit server will only run on one core at a time. This is the percentage of one core processing time the bukkit server is using.    
  • ticks per second:  A minecraft bukkit server processes the world 20 times every second. Every time it processes the world its said to be doing a 'tick". If the work the server needs to do every tick  exceeds the amount of processing power, then the server will not be able to keep up doing 20 ticks per second. The amount of ticks per second will drop. and server lag will start. The lag will be more severe as the number of ticks per second drops more. For example redstone will work ok down to about 18 ticks per second. Block placement can get dodge if the ticks per second is lower than 15.  Chatting is the next to be affected by lower tickrates. And walking generaly works ok at lower tickrates due to good lag compensation. A healthy server runs close to 20 ticks per second.
  • players: the amount of online players
  • player join attempts per hour: the amount of players trying to connect every hour. But this may fail mostly if the server is full.
  • player joins per hour: The number of players actually making it into the server.
  • player quits per hour: The amount of players leaving the server every hour. The reason is not important, left voluntarily, kicked by admin, kicked by afk kicker, timeout error etc. They all count towards this number.
  • redstone events per second:  Every time a a redstone block goes on or off a redstone event was generated. This is the total number of redstone events every second.

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